As seen on The Gadget Show!

Closer, safer, cheaper car parking.
Only with Nosey Parker.
Only on the iPhone.

“Free parking! Woohoo!” – The Gadget Show, Five
Winner of the Best Use of Technology award
- Big Chip Awards
“What a great idea for an app!” – The Guardian
“Nosey Parker is a more comprehensive service…”
- Sunday Times
“Put the fun into finding a car park with this handy app”
- What Car?
“Nosey Parker enables users of Appleā€™s smartphone in the UK to find the nearest car park to their current position and the cheapest too.” – TechCrunch
“As with all the best iPhone apps, it’s a simple idea – finding the nearest, and cheapest, car parking space…” – London Evening Standard
“[Nosey Parker]… a new iPhone application that helps drivers find the perfect parking space.” – Manchester Evening News

With information about 14,000 car parks across the UK, Nosey Parker was the most popular UK Car Park location app in the app store. Here’s why:

By searching for car parks nearby or at your destination, this app takes the stress out of parking by helping you find the closest, cheapest and safest car park.

Why Nosey Parker is great:

  • 1.8 million car park spaces within 14,000 car parks across the UK
  • Over 5000 FREE car parks across the UK
  • Find the closest car parks nearby or at your destination
  • Seek out the cheapest car parks
  • Filter your results, only show car parks with:
    • parent and toddler spaces
    • disabled spaces
    • safer parking awards
    • accept credit cards (great if you’ve got no cash)

You never know when you might need Nosey Parker, so buy now to save time, money and petrol. It could pay for itself the very first time you use it…

Nosey Parker has been designed and built by independently funded Stardotstar Limited. We hope you enjoy using our app :-)

The database used for Nosey Parker is copyright of Ian Betts Ltd and provided under license to Stardotstar Ltd.

Nosey Parker - As seen on The Gadget Show!